Friday, March 20, 2015

A Moment of Silence

Our first retiree

Sunday football has lost a few players who were once regulars, usually due to lack of interest or relocation. But recently we lost one of the originals who has decided to withdraw from football entirely.

Here is the email I sent to the regulars about it:

Some of the more observant of you who actually ever look at the "attendance" page may have noticed that Doug is no longer listed there. Despite the healing of his eye, whose status I'm not sure is determined regarding compatibility with semi-contact sports like ours, he also has an ankle issue which means his current situation is "retired". As in permanently, unless something changes.
Those of you who go back to the beginning of this institution may recall back in those days that we started on the grass at Lister Hall, beside the artificial turf we've played on the last few weeks, when that artificial turf was older style and not nearly as good. It might not even have been there, I can't recall.

1990. 25 frickin' years ago. 25 years of year-round, play-in-any-weather football. We've played below -30C, above 30C, in snow to our knees, in torrential rain, on ice, on snow, in a parking lot, indoors, with women, with our progeny, and with drunken strangers. We've played in at least 6 different locations around the city, including Mark's out-and-gone location. It could be argued we even played on the road once, in Kamloops while a number of us were vacationing at Doug's Dad's old place on the lake.

This was pre-website & mailing list, pre-modern web-based internet, so this is our only history until 2003ish: the oral history. Handed down through the generations, 2 of which are currently actively playing.
For me, I'll always remember Doug calling himself on the down-out-down which I threw. It turned into a down-out-down-NO-LOOKOUT-STOP! into the field hockey goal Good thing he got the ball down between his rib and that solid metal base.

Thanks Doug.

Something else which occurred to me after sending that around: For those of us current regulars who were there from the beginning (except maybe Paul) we've now been playing Sunday Football for more than HALF of our lives!

That's quite an institution. I plan to assemble a retrospective of pictures of Doug from the years gone by.


Paul said...

I count 10 locations...11 if you count Lister grass and art turf separately.
Approx west to east:

School field in Chase (near Kamloops)
Public park by Doug's Dad's cabin (Shuswap)
By Jeff's/YMCA (on Grey Cup day)
Windsor (NW of Lister)
Lister grass
Lister plastic
Inside old UofA track by Butterdome
Maurice Lavalee
Faculte St Jean

Paul said...

Also played east of Mill Creek Ravine in deep snow, before we moved to the parking lot at Hazeldean.

Depending upon if you count the parking lot at Hazeldean, it's 11 or 12.

Barrow Troll said...

We also played once around the ball diamond by Donnan Arena and whatever that curling rink is called.

Totty said...

The Shamrock Club?