Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sunday, Bloody Sunday

Ironic that someone* was complaining about having to do all the work organizing football and yet someone else* got chastized for not writing even though the last post was by that someone else*.

12 players, a near record.

me, Cory**, Blair, Jeff, Bob, Ryan
Mark, Doug, Dusty, Pete, Mike, Tyler**

Billy showed up at the Hilltop Pub.

But footballwise - because Honest Mur's is closed, Devaney's was too expensive, and some people were scared of their shadows at Bonnie's, we played at McNally High School. Not too good for a couple of reasons:
- field set up crosswise inside the track to avoid snow-blindness
- the field hadn't yet been trampled.

Firstly, the curbs/kerbs around the track were an issue. Secondly, there was a foot of powder with an inch of ice on top due to the warm spell. I would complain and attach a pic of my literally bleeding shin, but I remember the abuse that Michael took from Dusty when he showed photos of bruising caused*** by me. Also, it's partly my fault for being in the endzone so much, where the worst ice was. If we play there again, we'll likely use one of the smaller fields or I'll try to turn it down a notch.

Twelve people is almost getting to be too many though, as I/we mostly only got one rotation at QB****. Mitigating circumstances were that the play was slowed down by the crappy snow and delay in setting up the pilons.


* Note the effeminate colour vs the masculine colour.
** Paul and Mike's nephews.
*** Later turned out to be regular-use bruising.
**** You have ask? Scored.