Monday, February 18, 2008

1 hand to victory

Who says you need to catch the ball with 2 hands? Ok, we do, all the time, but it turns out it's not always true.

For my team (Mike, Pete, Blair, Bill [until he hurt his knee and had to leave]) at least, the day started and ended in spectacular, one-handed-catch touchdown fashion. I started things on a blitz dump/screen, snagging it one handed as Paul made a play for the ball, missed and failed to tag, allowing me the 15-ish yard trot into the end-zone.

Our last touchdown involved Pete. Not quite the roll he had going a couple weeks back being involved in the last TD of the game for a few weeks (this one was 1st of "last 2"), but it was a good finish for our side. Scrambling after the play didn't develop as I'd hoped, Pete doubled back on Paul in the back of the end zone and I looped one up where hopefully only he could reach it. As it turned out it was true, he could barely reach it and Paul couldn't. However, he had a little trouble getting one arm free from the seaweed (Paul), but that lead to a really nice, one-handed, falling-in-the-snow catch.

Some other stuff happened in the middle, and I may have let Mark go for the final TD, but those were the important TDs of the game.

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Anonymous said...

I also brought home a TD with one hand. Too bad it happened in the middle when things were not being remembered.