Sunday, January 20, 2008

Dusty Rides Bob's Ass; Mike Films

Sunny, windlessish, somewhere in the -18C vicinity. Great day for football.
[Bob, Dusty, Mark] vs [Doug, Paul, Pete]
Mike injured, but filming.

For some reason, Dusty was channelling an abuser or two from Bouche's past; or maybe some deep-seated psychological thingy that Dusty keeps pushing back down. Quite amusing from what I remember - and some of it may even have been deserved. Of course, I was being supportive of him by saying that he was the only team player. Bob's an army of one. Bob had his Shield of Not Caring up today though, and stayed relatively relaxed - disallowing Dusty penetration of his psyche.

Pete continued his 2008 streak of being positively involved with the last TD; throwing last week and catching this week (blown zone by Bob; Dusty disgusted).

Lots of tipped balls and near picks today.

Bob, at Honest Mur's, asked a question to Mark about the oilsands' steam injection technique that caught everyone off-guard. WTF? No Southpark references and only one Family Guy reference. Weird day.

First glance at Mike's pics...lots of plays got lost because they went on for too long and the camera ran out of memory. Plus, people got lost behind other players - and not just behind Dusty either. Dougie got ripped off on his diving catch on the 10 yard line (SE) because he was behind me and a couple of others. Did get another crazy spinning-dive-tackle in though.

We made beautiful snow-homages to Bill, Blair, Jeff, and Ryan -- then peed on them.


Barrow Troll said...

Yup. Apparently a bit of the rage and disappointment I've been squashing down inside seeped out.

Bob was Bob. Nothing new that required my constant incredulity.

I may of have also been channeling Blair or Bill or Jeff.

Pruusduk? Stoopid word verifications. Wait ... uoppo.

Anonymous said...

I heard a rumor that Dusty does not believe that I am a fun guy to work with, WTF? Thanks Dusty. I now feel deep shame and may never play again. Now off to Mike's to abuse Paul some more.


Anonymous said...

BTW I think Ghost is a good nickname because I do things but no one remembers it except when it goes horribly wrong.