Sunday, June 29, 2008


Bill added a new term to the Sunday Football lexicon that I can see I using in the future:
butterfly spiral

I think we can all picture what that looks like.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

4/20 I must be high

I must be high, I can't believe we got this much snow a week after it was 24 C and we didn't have enough people to play football. At least I got to play in a blizzard this time, as I missed the freezing cold one before.

And it was a good thing Pete and I got our winter tires switched out on Thursday.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Lessons learned

1) Don't trust your (Doug's) math on football attendance
b) if you have a question about football, send it to the "regulars" list, don't just ask Paul (or Mike). This is an anarcho-syndicalist commune, no-one's in charge.
iii) This one's for everyone, not just Doug: if I'm loafing in to the end zone that slowly and you don't chase me, you deserve to get trash talked by Blake. *cough* Ryan *cough*

Monday, February 18, 2008

1 hand to victory

Who says you need to catch the ball with 2 hands? Ok, we do, all the time, but it turns out it's not always true.

For my team (Mike, Pete, Blair, Bill [until he hurt his knee and had to leave]) at least, the day started and ended in spectacular, one-handed-catch touchdown fashion. I started things on a blitz dump/screen, snagging it one handed as Paul made a play for the ball, missed and failed to tag, allowing me the 15-ish yard trot into the end-zone.

Our last touchdown involved Pete. Not quite the roll he had going a couple weeks back being involved in the last TD of the game for a few weeks (this one was 1st of "last 2"), but it was a good finish for our side. Scrambling after the play didn't develop as I'd hoped, Pete doubled back on Paul in the back of the end zone and I looped one up where hopefully only he could reach it. As it turned out it was true, he could barely reach it and Paul couldn't. However, he had a little trouble getting one arm free from the seaweed (Paul), but that lead to a really nice, one-handed, falling-in-the-snow catch.

Some other stuff happened in the middle, and I may have let Mark go for the final TD, but those were the important TDs of the game.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

C-c-c-c-c-c-not warm

[Doug, Dusty, me] vs [Bill, Mark, Pete] with Bob floating, as I recall.

If we'd played at 6am, it would've been -9C. According to EnvCan, 1:00pm started at -22C and windy, then got colder. I had 6 torso layers and was still a tad chilly when I stopped running (long-sleeved undershirt, 2 long-sleeved shirts, a t-shirt, a sweatshirt, and a jersey). Also, exposed hands weren't happy hands. Crap, I just now remembered my emergency sweater that I keep in the Jeep for just such an occasion - how annoying.

Still, the play wasn't as bad as a bunch of uber-bundled crackers on a windy field with drifting snow would have you believe. Pete dived and caught a tipped ball (by me), but I believe that his 2008 string of being involved on the last TD is no more. That is, unless his was the blown coverage. I don't know, it was too cold.

We tried to pee on snow effigies to those not there, but the temperature made it more like yellow ice crystals hitting concrete. Kind of like how that coloured stucco thing works.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Dusty Rides Bob's Ass; Mike Films

Sunny, windlessish, somewhere in the -18C vicinity. Great day for football.
[Bob, Dusty, Mark] vs [Doug, Paul, Pete]
Mike injured, but filming.

For some reason, Dusty was channelling an abuser or two from Bouche's past; or maybe some deep-seated psychological thingy that Dusty keeps pushing back down. Quite amusing from what I remember - and some of it may even have been deserved. Of course, I was being supportive of him by saying that he was the only team player. Bob's an army of one. Bob had his Shield of Not Caring up today though, and stayed relatively relaxed - disallowing Dusty penetration of his psyche.

Pete continued his 2008 streak of being positively involved with the last TD; throwing last week and catching this week (blown zone by Bob; Dusty disgusted).

Lots of tipped balls and near picks today.

Bob, at Honest Mur's, asked a question to Mark about the oilsands' steam injection technique that caught everyone off-guard. WTF? No Southpark references and only one Family Guy reference. Weird day.

First glance at Mike's pics...lots of plays got lost because they went on for too long and the camera ran out of memory. Plus, people got lost behind other players - and not just behind Dusty either. Dougie got ripped off on his diving catch on the 10 yard line (SE) because he was behind me and a couple of others. Did get another crazy spinning-dive-tackle in though.

We made beautiful snow-homages to Bill, Blair, Jeff, and Ryan -- then peed on them.