Monday, December 31, 2007

Dawning of a new defensive age

It should be noted that a new defensive strategic was introduced this bleak winter day.

Since facts really have no place on this forum consider all that follows to be the Truth.

In the dying moments of the afternoon Mick introduced* the VB (Volleyball-Blitz) defense.

It is a simple 1-3. The 1 always blitzes and after each down the group rotates one position clockwise. What a tweest!

Of course, it only is applicable when the numbers are odd (well odder) and the blitz is "on".

Note, it was originally* run counter-clockwise, but this confused Mad Dog so it was refined.

The VB-D was perfectly* executed by the indomitable* group of Mick, Mad Dog, Dusty and Doogie.

This defense was responsible for 3* consecutive stops. Including my highlight-reel-worthy* pick.

* Your experience may vary.

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