Sunday, December 9, 2007

Blogging - easy interface

I discovered there's an easier way to for everyone to submit blog entries to the site, rather than going through the (possible) hassle of signing up for a Google ID and entering it via the web interface.  Blair, I'm looking at you, Mr. I'm-going-to-post-about-this from last week.

You can email your entry to the email address I sent you earlier and it will turn it into a post. (Don't want to publish that on this site, we'll start getting spam.  Ask Mike if you need the address again).

Remember that it will include everything, including the signature at the bottom of your email, and any crap your company/email provider tacks on, like disclaimers and such.

For now, I'll set it to post automatically, but if we start getting spam or something, I'll turn on "approval" so that I can edit/view them first.  I think anyone who can post via the web can then do that approval stage, if it comes to that.  Currently that's Mark, Paul, Dustin and myself.