Sunday, November 4, 2007

You want talk, I'll give you talk

Well, "stories" wasn't actually my idea, it was Paul's request, so the quiet is his fault not mine. But I'm willing to step into the void. Especially as I had a good day (not counting forgetting the cones and timer). And that was pretty much the opposite of Paul.

Highlights for me? If I recall correctly, I caught 4 TDs. One was a "Tall thing" over and behind Paul, and the one that finished the game which Mark literally called as "Mike, post for the TD". Plus I threw a ridiculous, thread-the-needle, Danny McManus TD between Paul and Blair into Mark, and Paul got a touch on it; I'm not sure about Blair.

And if that wasn't enough for Paul, he was unable to catch a cold today; I'm not sure he could even throw one.

Funny how the tides turn from week to week.

1 comment:

Mad Dog said...

Love it, brotherly smack!

So this week the moon altered gravity this way according to Mike.

Any others with a better view?