Saturday, November 3, 2007

Why is Sunday Football Blogging not so active?

So once a week or so, I spend 2 minutes to see if the old Sunday Football stories blog has any new info or smack or well anything at all on it. Nope, last post Sept 16th. Way to go Paul, now nobody uses it, wait, how about I stick something on that invokes a new energy? Nah, that would require ingenuity or creativity or personality, oh well, I can still post something.

Ryan, the newest regular! All right, now we're cookin'. Sunday footbfall has a new member, love it! What's your story Ryan? Do you have time to Blog? You should because I've heard that you don't consider anything below 10C football weather. Maybe you'll ease into it. Maybe since you haven't broken yourself yet (come to think of it, I think that's the criteria for becoming a regular) Just don't break yourself and stop coming out and you're in.

Best ever Sunday. 1998 I think, about 2 feet of fresh snow, about 8 guys, and about -10C maybe a bit colder, who cares, layer up man! Any way, lots of full out dives into 'manholes' a.k.a the place you dig yourself out of after a full layout dive into 2 ft of snow. Hard high knee running and tonnes of fun. Never forget it, hope to see it again someday. What a blast!

Take that you Sunday football silent majority, the Mad Dog is barking.

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