Saturday, September 15, 2007


This guy comes out to a regular Sunday one fall day several years ago. He's introduced as Ken, one of Bobby's friends.

He looks somewhat fit and therefore somewhat intimidating. Keep in mind the average fitness required to participate. Not the perceived fitness each of us has about ourselves...

We play for a while. There's some give and take. The usual.

So then I say to myself, "Self, let's kick it up a notch!"

I line up opposite and 'bump' Ken off the line. Except, instead of bump and run, it becomes bump and bump. Now there's two dogs escalating the intensity. And so Bobby, and others I'm sure but clearly don't remember (age, adrenalin, whatever else causes Alzheimer's), say Whoa! and eventually we Whoa.

End result, challenge met with challenge. No hard feelings right? Don't know, Ken doesn't come back. Bobby makes references over time since then.

Ironically, in recent times, Ken moves in next door to the Mad Dog. He recalls playing football with me to Mary his wife when introducing me. Doesn't sound like any hard feelings but still not sure.

May never be sure. But the story has become part of the fabric of Sunday Football. Bobby may recall it instantly when I line up to 'bump' him off the line. I know there's been references by Bobby that sound like attempts to avoid the possibility of escalating. Even years later...

Reputation is a funny thing. Everyone has one. Mostly, everyone has some idea of what theirs is. But also, mostly everyone else's view of your isn't the same as your view of yours.

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