Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sept 16/07 - Tweak

Why is 23C so brutally hot in September? We ask this every year and seem surprised every year.

Highlight 1: A tweak* thought that he was going to go through our bags while we were playing. At the last second, his tweak buddy warned him when he saw us walking that direction.

Highlight 2: Billy showing up with the kids and playing in regular runners and jeans while the kids played on top of the rental SUV**.

Players: 9

Guests: Raj, Rob and Ryan from The Wizards

Key play 1: Paul's hook that left Gaylor*** in the dust for a TD.
Key play 2: Paul's interception return for TD to end the game.

* Meth-head
** Community Care Children's Services 408-5960
*** Blair


Totty said...

That's no rental SUV, it's the same one Bill always drives.

Totty said...

I didn't notice those losers going for the bags. That would have been interesting. Kind of like later when the one guy was saying to the other "I (or was it You?) should go out there and dominate those guys" (or something like that) and the other one said "Are you kidding, look at the size of those guys. They're like Eskimos".

Totty said...

I think the blazing sun contributed to the "23C is suddenly hot". Maybe the recent bout of cold weather helped too.

Anonymous said...

I am glad that Paul's dementia has been exposed in his writings. I am no nickname brainiac so I need a little help with the "Gaylord" comment. Let see if I have this straight, I supposedly resemble a tall (6'3"?), skinny, black man, with stone hands and no knowledge for football whatsoever.

Oh well the internet is full of facts but not always truths.