Saturday, September 15, 2007

Other legends need recanting

Paul and the rest of you longtimers out there. There's oodles of legend.

Like the time that Gizmo worked for Bobby?

Or the time that another Eskimo showed you all what it meant to 'juke'?

Or the Pless-i-nator?

What would happen if some of the Mobley's of years gone past were to be captured here?

What about Double Cover Doug?

Or the leading into the tractor/bison/fill in large item thing?

I'm looking forward to the text y'all produce for future reading pleasure.


Totty said...

Ah yes, Brian Walling and the "juke". At least I, out of the circle of 5 or so players surrounding him, managed to get *1* hand on him.

Doug said...

How about getting out of the car at Mountain Pizza in Whitehorse after the provincials and having the old guy pass us with his walker.

And the time the clouds kept swirling around us in a circle during that storm that eventually dropped a foot of hail.

Or the time we stopped formed a circle and slowly stepped away from me, becouse my hair was suddenly standing on end

Or really the number of guys that have come out once, got injured and never came back...