Tuesday, August 28, 2007

And we're off

The blog is ready, all we need is the stories to fill it up.


Mad Dog said...

Like a new bride's gown...
Like a herd of turtles...
Like a 14 yr old in a whorehouse...

Mad Dog said...

So on Saturday there's this really gruesome hit by a receiver on a defender, and like, the ref even calls a wacky extended timeout or something to allow all to stop the bleeding, but really, there's no reason to cry about it!

Word has it that the Blaze will be in 5 or lower and the Wiz in 4. Guess Sunday footy will be the only time i get to run with the big dogs.

But hey, I got 2 pics, 2 TDs and one heck of a story out of it.

If I can figure out how to send the proof, I will.

Barrow Troll said...

I know that Mick, Jeff and I have been talking to Ajay about adding more folks. It has been pretty lean this year.

Of course, it also assumes you'd be willing to jump the Blazin' ship.

Mad Dog said...

Well, thanks for the information Dusty. I would like to play with you guys (Mick, Jeff, you). Paul and Justin and Ajay are good too. The other guys can't be all that bad. Sorry if I've forgotten one, the grey hair is a sign that other things are to follow. I just can't remember what they are. So anyway, that looks do-able.

I also like playing with the guys on the Blaze. At this point, I'm not sure they like playing with me. A few do. A few don't. Guess that is what life is like.

So I don't want to tell you no and miss out. I also don't want to cut loose when they let me join their crew when I was on the outside looking in earlier this year.

I'm torn. Tears are not necessary. Let's say we wait and keep all the relationships whole.

My request to Darren of the Blaze is to give me enough information that I won't be 3 or 4 games into the season next year before I know if and where I will play because I do know that I want to play if my health allows it and I'm not aware of any health issues today.

Whew! Who knew Sunday football was so emotional????

Wait...you've seen me and Blair, me and Blake, me and you...I'm a marshmallow of feelings. Too much drama for football for sure. Sucks to be me. Wait, no it most certainly does not. I've been married far too long for that!